5 Courses Required

SAIT’s Distributed Control Systems Certificate of Achievement program provides you with hands-on training in the principles and design of computer-based distributed or process control systems (DCS/PCS). Review of input measurement devices and output control devices is necessary as these devices are for the operation of the level process skids/carts.

Device networks — Foundation Field Bus, Device Net, Modbus — are also covered to ensure students have the skills required for a typical DCS/PCS installation.

This program offers extensive theoretical and practical training. Based on Emerson’s Delta-V control system, this program is wired to a real process — tank level control complete with control valves, level and flow measurement, pump control, process and safety shutdowns.

Labs include building all the logic and graphics for the proper operation and tuning of the flow and level loops on the process skids/carts. Each student uses their own configuration/operator workstation to develop configuration and graphics.

Upon completion of the program, you can pursue a career in various industries that monitor and control processing facilities such as power plants, pulp mills, oil-producing and refining plants and chemical processing plants, etc.

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