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As the needs of industry change, so do our programs — it’s what makes SAIT a global leader in applied education. The Photography Certificate is currently being revised to better align with changing industry standards. The revised certificate will be available in Winter and Spring 2022.

Whether it’s for the art or the fun of photography, this program will help you discover new ways of “photographic” seeing as you apply the fundamental techniques learned in class.

This Certificate of Achievement program covers the tools, techniques, and craft of photography. From learning how to use your aperture, shutter speed, flash and histograms, to shooting weddings, sports events, landscapes, and more. Our team of professional photographers will share their knowledge and expertise in the classroom and on various field trips in and around Calgary.

Students can choose the path of their interest. Serious photographers can expand their photographic horizons with a great selection of electives, from the classic darkroom to perfecting their lighting skills in the studio, to advanced Photoshop techniques. All of our classes combine lectures taught by industry experts with hands-on practical experience behind the camera.

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