12 Courses Required

The Pipeline Operations program prepares graduates to operate pipelines safely and efficiently in compliance with industry standards and regulations. This program provides learners with a foundational knowledge of pipeline systems, operations, and equipment. Areas of study are focused on the day to day operations and include:

  • design,
  • construction,
  • leak detection,
  • flow measurement,
  • integrity,
  • and maintenance of pipelines.

In addition to the Pipeline Operations role, other operational roles will benefit from completing this certificate:

  • Maintenance Mechanics,
  • Compressor Station Operators,
  • Compressor Mechanics/Operators,
  • Integrity Technologists,
  • Instrumentation Technicians,
  • Electrical Technicians,
  • Welders/Welding Technicians,
  • Valve Maintenance Technicians,
  • Equipment Operators and Environmental Technicians.

Health & Safety Advisors new to the pipeline industry and looking for context will also benefit from this course.

This certificate is also useful for Field Maintenance Managers, Superintendents, Foremen who have relevant experience in another industry needing to augment their expertise with specific pipeline operations information (for example those leaving a military role to become civilians).

Construction Operators, Technologists, Supervisors, and Engineers who are new to the pipeline industry, will find this program valuable.

Development of this program is funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Plains Midstream Canada.

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