Earn your Blue Seal at SAIT

Are you a certified tradesperson looking to take your current skilled trades knowledge and experience to a new level? Are you aiming to take on a supervisory or management role, or maybe start your own business?

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training’s (AIT) Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program is a great way to develop your business skills and obtain industry-recognized certification to support your personal and professional career goals.

SAIT is a recognized training provider for the Blue Seal program — we offer specific non-credit programs and courses to help you quickly meet Blue Seal training-hour requirements.

Learn more about program eligibility, training requirements and how to apply to receive the Blue Seal Certificate.

How to meet the minimum 150 training hours

We offer select certificate programs approved by AIT to meet the minimum 150 hours for Blue Seal. The total hours associated with each of these certificate programs vary and may fully or partially meet the minimum training hours for Blue Seal. You can choose to focus on completing one Certificate of Achievement program or you can combine more than one Certificate of Completion program to obtain the required hours. If you’d rather take individual courses from across these approved certificates to accumulate 150 training hours, you can do so, but note that not every individual course within our approved programs will qualify for Blue Seal training hours – specifically non-business-related courses. Any course you want to submit individually for Blue Seal must reflect topics from AIT’s approved business-related subject areas.

Visit the certificate webpage to understand each program's unique requirements, including core and elective requirements and any course prerequisites. Once you’ve earned a minimum of 150 training hours, you’re ready to submit your application to AIT to obtain the Blue Seal Certificate. If you need help accessing your SAIT transcript, contact conedadvising@sait.ca. For any other Blue Seal application questions, contact AIT directly.

Approved programs*

Applied Management

Build critical leadership skills with these interactive, workshop-style courses designed for current or aspiring supervisors and managers.

The SAIT certificate requires a minimum of 144 hours. You can take one extra elective to meet the minimum 150 Blue Seal hours.

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Construction Estimating

Learn how to analyze costs and prepare precise estimates for all construction projects in commercial and residential sectors, civil engineering and specific trades.

The SAIT certificate requires a minimum of 417 hours. This certificate meets the minimum 150 Blue Seal hours.

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Train the Trainer

This program helps prepare you for the Certified Training PractitionerTM (CTP) designation exam. The CTP designation is appropriate for instructors, facilitators, trainers and master trainers.

The SAIT certificate requires a minimum of 63 hours. You can take additional business courses to meet the minimum 150 Blue Seal hours.

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Sales for Technical Professionals

Increase your ability to work collaboratively with your customers through interactive, workshop-style courses focused on building core skills for technical experts in a sales or sales support role.

The SAIT certificate requires a minimum of 70 hours. You can take additional business courses to meet the minimum 150 Blue Seal hours.

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*As of Summer 2022, AIT has been undergoing a review of its Blue Seal program processes and has put a hold on the approval of any new programs offered by training providers. The following new programs do include some business-related courses for which you may be able to earn Blue Seal training hours. Before registering for a course, contact conedadvising@sait.ca to obtain a detailed course outline and use it to confirm directly with AIT whether it meets AIT’s approved business-related subject areas:

Project Management Certificate of Completion

Principles of Construction Certificate of Achievement

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