Course Description

This course introduces you to effective sales processes for technical products, teaching you a "Trusted Advisor" approach to selling. Sales topics include building relationships, understanding the buyer, effective presentations, needs analysis and using a strategic process for new business pursuits. You'll learn the secrets to handling objections and closing the sale. Concepts are practiced in the classroom to give you hands-on experience before applying them back in the workplace. 

Course Outline

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • define the consultative sales approach to value selling 

  • recognize the roles of the sales teams 

  • understand the sales funnel and pipeline to effectively manage clients 

  • set and achieve personal and professional sales goals 

  • develop long term relationships with your customers 

  • develop strategies to adapt to challenging customers & circumstances.

Learner Outcomes

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Technical Sales

Describe the 7 Stages of the Sale 

Describe the roles of the Technical Sales Specialist in organizations. 

Compare and contrast technical sales with other forms of sales. 

Identify the differences between selling value versus pushing products. 

Identify the key elements of a “trusted advisor” approach to relationship selling. 

Improve your Product, Company, Industry & Customer knowledge  

Recognize the characteristics of a professional salesperson   

Unit 2: Key Communication Skills 

Understand Workplace Communication and the language of Sales 

Explain the steps to Gain Rapport 

Develop tools to gain the attention of a prospect  

Understand the process of the Explore to Discover  

Improve you Active listening skills 

Develop and recognize non-verbal communication skills 

Develop strategies for handling customer complaints 

Unit 3: Interpersonal Skills

Identify common personality styles and strategies for building productive relationships 

Understand your own personality style 

Utilize key customer service skills for follow-up, follow-through and customer maintenance 

Learn the steps for handling customer complaints 

Develop Strategies to adapt to difficult customers 

Unit 4: Sales Process 

Recognize the characteristics of the buyer’s process 

Understand the dynamics of the sales call 

Provide Customer Centered Solutions 

Master Customer Objections 

Recognize the buying signals 

Employ effective closing techniques to complete a sale 

Set SMART goals 

Unit 5: Prospecting & Networking 

Identify sources of new business 

Discuss the benefits of business networking 

Implement networking principles 

Use effective tools to gain referrals and testimonials 

Identify and avoid obstacles 

Understand both funnel and pipeline strategies 

Prepare SWOT as part of the strategic plan 

Implement social media strategies in your strategic plan 

Develop a Personal Strategic Plan 

Unit 6: Presentation 

Define key principles of effective sales presentations. 

Apply principles for effective presentation of technical information.  

Apply best practices to achieve customer buy-in using demonstrations and pilots.  

Describe key elements of hosting a successful customer event. 



There are no prerequisites for this course

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Sales for Technical Professionals
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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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