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Learn how to safely work at the forge to make tools used at the grill.  This workshop will focus on learning blacksmith techniques that translate well into BBQ tools as well as tools used around a campfire.  Student blacksmiths will displace metal that is white hot and malleable enough to forge with a hand hammer.  Discussion will include a wide variety of esthetic designs. 

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Out of Doors: Fire Tools for the Grill
Sa, Su
9:00AM to 6:00PM
Jun 19, 2021 to Jun 20, 2021
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Tuition non-credit $650.00
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  • Tech Fee ($10)
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Nov 02, 2020 to Jun 15, 2021
Transfer Request Deadline
Nov 02, 2020 to Jun 15, 2021
Withdrawal Request Deadline
Jun 16, 2021 to Jun 19, 2021
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