Course Description


Blockchain is one of the main components of the fourth industrial revolution disrupting the market. With an increased flow of money into the blockchain technology space, it's becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. This course will help you understand the applications of blockchain, and increase efficiency and transparency in your businesses processes.

This Blockchain Overview course is designed for non-technical professionals. You will learn the main principles and components of blockchain technology, equipping you with the understanding of how to apply blockchain to solve organizational challenges, disrupt current processes and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Course Outline

This two-day instructor-led virtual course will equip you with an understanding of blockchain and how to apply it. This will enable you to solve organizational challenges,
current processes and gain a competitive advantage in the market. You will:

• Learn the basic principles behind blockchain
• Explore the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain
• Learn the use cases of blockchain, who it's for and what and how to get started with implementing it.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

What is Blockchain

Understand the basic principles and how it will serve as a strong and unique differentiator in your career.

Non-Technical Technology Overview

Take the first steps in learning the technology that underpins digital currency.

Benefits of Blockchain

Learn about the benefits of blockchain, and understand the myths and facts surrounding it.

Blockchain Use Cases

Understand when it is and isn't appropriate to use blockchain.

Industry Adoption

Understand who is using blockchain and what they are using it for and how you can adopt it for your business.


Understand how to take the basic principles of blockchain and implement it for your business.

Future of Blockchain

Explore and understand the future of blockchain, broken down with an industry-by industry outlook.


Along with pre and post-work, weekly sessions are supported with instructor-led video or face-to-face sessions.
Connect with like-minded industry leaders to share common challenges and explore innovation strategies. Industry guest speakers will share experiences of their own transformation journeys and how they overcame the impediments they faced. Ongoing support between the virtual sessions is available to provide guidance and direction as you utilize the tools and frameworks in your organization.

Two days over three-hour virtual sessions

- Delivered over two days in three-hour sessions for a total of six hours
- Instructor-led group discussions held via Zoom
- Have the opportunity to connect with the instructor to discuss specific questions related to the course

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