Course Description

This course provides leaders - early champions, operational leaders or those developing and approving business cases for investment - with the knowledge and confidence they are making a value-added investment. This course demystifies artificial intelligence and machine learning through a hands-on experience on a machine learning operating system (MLOS). Machine learning experts will take you through a thorough overview of ML infrastructure, governance and platforms, which will enable you to better assess the technology itself and the potential applications and opportunities.

Course Outline

Organizations supercharging their data with AI/ML are delivering significant ROI and discovering new competitive advantages. Leaders who understand how to leverage machine learning provide strategic advantages to their organizations with higher rates of implementation success. This course will help leaders understand the fundamentals and concepts of machine learning, and empowers them to develop strategic frameworks and business cases to solve business problems.

• Approaches technology training from a business value perspective
• Focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning in an applied manner
• Connects participants to real-world applications, as well as those that can help move solutions forward
• Provides participants with the steps, resources and insights required to help them move forward with their AI/ML strategies

• The fundamental concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence
• How to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to practically solve meaningful problems
• The deployment of machine learning solutions
• How to build and implement a successful artificial intelligence strategy
• The risks associated with embracing artificial intelligence and the techniques to mitigate them
• The elements of a strong AI governance strategy, including model management and ethical artificial intelligence frameworks
• How to identify machine learning opportunities in an organization
• The impacts of AI and ML on culture and innovation


The material will be formally presented in online lectures. Labs are hands-on, leveraging an MLOS platform provided to all learners, and will be used to reinforce the
lectures by providing an opportunity to study examples and practice the application of concepts. Industry guest speakers will share experiences of their own transformation journeys and how they overcame the impediments they faced.

Ongoing support between the virtual sessions is available to provide guidance and direction as you utilize the tools and frameworks in your organization.

21 hours of virtual learning over 3-4 weeks.
Learners have the opportunity to connect with the instructor to discuss specific questions related to the course and project.

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