Course Description

Resilience has become a buzzword in all aspects of our lives. We talk about it when parenting children, creating sustainable environments, recovering from traumatic or difficult events – and more recently when managing challenging and stressful jobs. Resilience at work has become imperative as we face constant change, higher workloads and expectations, paired with increasing complexity.  

In workplace discussions, building resilience is sometimes perceived as simply a way to help people better cope with or ‘put up with' more pressure. However, resilience is not just about learning to cope better in your job; it is also about being adaptable and positioning yourself for the next inevitable challenge or setback.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what resilience is and it's importance in today’s workplace
  • Identify the seven components of personal resiliency
  • Discuss the definition of each of the components
  • Analyse personal reports from Working with Resilience  
  • Analyse the scope of resilience from each component based on participants own strength values
  • Illustrate potential traps and warning signs that can debilitate resilience
  • Discuss duality of resilience, and decide why this matters to you
  • Create transfer commitments towards building resilience 
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