Welcome Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta Members!

In a collaboration between the Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta (MDA) and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), we are excited to welcome you to your new self-serve corporate learner portal. This portal allows MDA members to enrol into courses based on their own schedules to begin and/or continue working towards SAIT’s Applied Management Certificate of Achievement.

Applied Management Certificate of Achievement

The courses in this certificate are ideal for aspiring, new and current supervisors or managers. This program will improve your management understanding through practical, skill-oriented business courses.

Learn from industry experts. Build critical leadership skills with these interactive, workshop-style courses designed for current or aspiring supervisors and managers.

This program is relevant to all industries in both the public and private sectors — and with over 50 courses to choose from, you can tailor your studies to your specific needs and interests. Our industry-leading instructors will challenge and build your core business, leadership, and management skills.

Convenient scheduling allows you to achieve the certification within a year or less, or if you'd prefer, you have the option to work towards your certification over an extended period – up to five years.

You'll need a minimum of 12 courses and 144 hours to complete this certificate, with some courses recognized by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) for the Gold Seal. This program is also recognized by The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board for the Blue Seal Certificate.

To Register for a Course:

  1. Select the course under the "Courses" tab below to view the course description and available sections.
  2. Select an available course section and then "Add to Cart".
  3. Select "Checkout" when ready or "Keep Shopping" if you would like to register for multiple courses.
    • If prompted for Group ID# during check-out please use G000005
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration process.

Have questions or need support? Our Business Support team is happy to help! Please reach out to us at conedadvising@sait.ca - please include a reference to "Motor Dealers Association of Alberta (G000005) - SAIT Corporate Portal Registration" in your email for quicker assistance.  

To view the description, dates and times offered, and additional information about a course, click the course name below.

Course Title


ACCT 104 Accounting and Finance for Non-Accountants Available
PERS 139 Assertiveness for Personal and Business Success Available
BLAW 100 Basic Business Law Available
SAFE 001 Being a Safety Leader Not Currently Available
LDSH 001 Better Together: Generations at Work Available
ORGB 117 Building Personal Power, Performance, and Professionalism Available
MNGT 009 Business Process Management Available
WRIT 100 Business Writing for Results Available
COMM 196 Communicating Effectively Available
PERS 122 Conducting Effective Meetings Available
MGMT 142 Conflict Management Available
SUPV 001 Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees Available
LDSH 002 Delivery Techniques for Trainers Available
HREL 002 Diversity in the Workplace Available
MGMT 160 Effective Delegation Available
HREL 100 Emotional Intelligence Available
PERS 135 Fundamentals of Training Available
HRMT 001 Human Resource Essentials Available
LDSH 008 Influence Matters Available
MGMT 001 Innovative Leaders Available
HREL 003 Instructional Design and Development Available
LDSH 003 Leaders as Coaches Available
LDSH 004 Leadership Skills Available
MKTG 124 Marketing Essentials Available
PERS 141 Mental Toughness - Take Positive Action Available
LDSH 151 Mentoring Available
MGMT 143 Negotiation Essentials Available
MGMT 002 Performance Management Available
PRES 101 Presentation Skills Available
MGMT 003 Problem Solving and Decision Making Available
MGMT 174 Records Management Not Currently Available
LDSH 005 Strategic Planning Available
SUPV 002 Supervisory Skills Available
ORGB 104 Team Building Available
PERS 121 Time Management and Organizational Skills Available
ORGB 101 Understanding Change Available
MMGT 001 Workplace Bullying Available
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