This page provides technical information and login instructions for the online tools you’ll need to:

  • access your Continuing Education course and/or supporting course materials in the Brightspace (D2L) online learning platform
  • receive emails from your instructor for a course you’re enrolled in
  • connect and participate in virtual sessions using collaboration applications (where applicable)
  • access other applications available in your My Apps dashboard:

Most Con Ed courses, regardless of delivery format, will include Brightspace (D2L) which you’ll access from your own personal computer and/or from a classroom/lab computer. If your course is face-to-face on campus, check the web course description/details to confirm whether you’re required to or optionally permitted to bring your own laptop/device to class.

If you’re taking a Con Ed course delivered on campus, we recommend that you download the SAITALERT app to your mobile device and enable notifications. It’s free and provides you with access to campus information including safety alert notifications. Download for Android devices | Download for Apple devices

Before getting into information on SAIT accounts and logins, let’s clarify what our different course delivery formats (or “modes”) look like and what you can expect:

Course delivery formats and how they work

Our SAIT Continuing Education ("Con Ed") courses are offered in these delivery formats:

Within a course’s start and end dates, sessions are scheduled on specific days/times and locations. They run face-to-face in a classroom or lab setting with an instructor present. Students are expected to come to the SAIT campus to attend. Depending on the course, students may, in addition, access the online learning platform, Brightspace (D2L) for supporting course content and resources.

Within a course’s start and end date, sessions are scheduled on specific days/times (Calgary time). Students are expected to log in online (to MS Teams or Zoom — depending on the course) to attend/participate in real-time/live lectures with an instructor and classmates. Depending on the course, students may additionally access supporting course content in Brightspace (D2L). The instructor may record the virtual sessions and provide students with limited viewer access. Recordings are not a substitute for lecture attendance.

Within a course’s start and end date, students are expected to complete coursework and assessments as per the course outline and schedule provided in their Brightspace (D2L) course shell (and/or depending on the course, a third-party/partner online platform). There are no live lectures or discussions, but ongoing online instructor support is provided. This format is great if you’re an independent learner who requires the flexibility to log in anywhere, anytime. Some online courses can be completed before the course's end date. Some also offer the option to purchase a one-time course extension.

Within a course’s start and end date, delivery combines independent online learning with scheduled sessions (either virtual or on-campus classroom) with ongoing online instructor support included.

Con Ed Student Account Login and Information

Log in to your Con Ed student account to:

  • Register for/transfer/drop a non-credit Con Ed course
  • Edit your Con Ed student profile
  • See/reference your SAIT nine-digit student ID in your profile
  • See/reference your SAIT student “edu” email address
  • Review your current and past course enrolment documents
  • Find/print a copy of a receipt
  • Find/print a Statement of Grade for a course you completed

Forgot your username or password to this account? Click on “Forgot username” or “Forgot password” from the login page to reset your password. Not getting our emails? Check your spam/junk mail folders. Consider adding to your approved sender list.

Need to print your student T2202/T2202A (Tuition, Education and Textbooks Amount Certificate) tax receipts? You can access them from general your SAIT student account: mySAIT. If you experience mySAIT login issues, contact or 403.774.5200.

Login: Microsoft 365, Email/Outlook, Brightspace(D2L), MS Teams, Zoom, and more

When you become a SAIT (Con Ed) student after registering for the first time, you receive:

  • a SAIT student nine-digit ID
  • a SAIT student “edu” email address
  • time-limited access to a free student version of Microsoft 365 which includes access to Outlook & other MS Office apps (Words, Excel, PowerPoint), MS Teams, Zoom, Brightspace (D2L), OneDrive and more
  • time-limited access to a free student version of LinkedIn Learning

Within 24 hours, SAIT ITS (Information Technology Services) will send to your personal/preferred address the “Your Student Email Address” email which includes confirmation of your SAIT student “edu” email address in the format and an invitation to use it to log in to your Outlook mailbox (via your Microsoft 365 account) with a unique randomly generated default password.

You’ll be asked at that time to personalize the default password. If you haven’t already, change the default to a secure password. Within 48 hours, your SAIT ID and SAIT student “edu” email address will also be posted to your Con Ed student account profile for your reference.


  • Can’t find that original ITS email? No problem. Follow these Microsoft 365 self-serve password reset instructions, or contact or 403.774.5200.
  • All general/institutional emails, as well as emails from your course instructor, are sent to your SAIT student “edu” email address (Outlook mailbox). Emails from Con Ed Advising are sent to your personal/preferred email address.
  • We highly discourage using your SAIT student “edu” email address for login purposes to personal online services such as car insurance, banking, etc.
  • Student/alumni digital identities (Office 365, Outlook, D2L, etc.) will be deactivated by ITS after 12 months of no SAIT student activity. Make sure to back up any files you’ve saved in your OneDrive.

Login to your cloud-based student-version of Microsoft 365:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your SAIT credentials. Your username is your SAIT student “edu” email address in the format . Your password is the random default password included in an email you received from SAIT ITS (see section “What You Get as a New SAIT Student…” above).
  3. Once you’re in, from your My Apps dashboard:
    1. Click on Outlook icon to check your inbox for instructor emails.
    2. Click on the Brightspace(D2L) icon. In the app/shortcut, navigate to your course(s) by clicking on the "Courses" link in the upper-right corner of the screen. You’ll have access to the actual course content at midnight on the course start date — unless specified differently in your enrolment confirmation email.
    3. Click on any other icons available to you that you want to use including MS Teams or Zoom.

Having trouble logging in to Microsoft 365?

  1. Are you using the correct SAIT student “edu” email address? Double-check what is posted in your Con Ed student account profile.
  2. Are you using the correct password? You may need to reset your password. Keep your online accounts safe with these tips for creating strong passwords.

MS Teams

Connect with your classmates and instructors using Microsoft (MS) Teams. MS Teams is a collaboration and communication software tool. Before the start of your first virtual (online synchronous) session in MS Teams, you can expect to receive a MS Teams meeting invite (automated email) to your SAIT student “edu” email address. When you click the invite link to join the virtual meeting, you’ll either be automatically redirected to the MS Teams group channel or you’ll be prompted to sign in to your MS Teams account through your Microsoft 365. If you experience issues accessing your virtual Microsoft Teams session, contact the instructor who set up the session.

If your instructor chooses to record the virtual sessions, recordings may be available as a reference for a limited time (either in the MS Teams channel for the course, or as separate movie files saved in the Brightspace (D2L) course. Learn more about Microsoft Teams.


If your virtual course session is set up in the Zoom collaboration tool, you can expect to receive a personalized email from your instructor to your SAIT student “edu” email address. When you click on the link provided, you’ll either be automatically redirected to the Zoom Meeting space or you’ll be prompted to sign in to Zoom first, using your Microsoft 365 credentials. If you experience issues accessing your virtual Zoom session, contact the instructor who set up the session.

If your instructor chooses to record the sessions, recordings may be available as a reference for a limited time, depending on how and where the recordings are saved. Recordings that remain in the Zoom (cloud) platform are deleted in 180 days.

Brightspace (D2L) technical requirements

Brightspace (D2L) is an online portal that connects you with course content and resources. Should you experience any technical difficulties using it, contact SAIT ITS Support at 403.774.5200 or

Before you get started in your Con Ed course, make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements for the best possible Brightspace (D2L) learning experience using your desktop or laptop computer.

Brightspace (D2L) login is supported by the following platforms with the latest browser versions:

Platform Apple Safari Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Windows No Yes Yes Yes
Apple Mac OS Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Although you can use Apple Mac OS, if you experience any issues, know that SAIT technical support is limited for this platform.
  • For Microsoft Windows, you can use Windows 10 or Windows 11 browsers. As for office productivity tools, you can use Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 365 (as an active SAIT student, you’ll receive full access to the student version, see Microsoft Office 365 section below).
  • Although you can access Brightspace (D2L) from a tablet or cell phone, we don’t recommend using these devices as your primary learning tool, especially for our courses delivered online asynchronously or synchronously.
  • We recommend using a desktop/laptop purchased in the last three years with:
    • Processor: i5 or greater
    • RAM (memory): 16GB or greater
    • Hard drive storage: 512 GB SSD or greater
    • Video card: onboard integrated
    • Screen size: 13" or greater
    • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 or better
    • Functioning webcam, microphone and speakers (integrated or external)
    • Antivirus/malware protection
  • You'll need a high-speed internet connection (recommended 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload).
  • We recommend that you install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open/read PDF files (possibly included in your course).
  • All other course-specific software and hardware requirements (if any) are outlined in the course description and/or in the course section notes.

Online Exam Proctoring Tool: Respondus LockDown Browser

Some of our Con Ed courses include online quizzes and exams proctored using Respondus LockDown Browser. Depending on the course requirements and exam(s), a webcam may be required. Learn more about technical requirements to use Respondus LockDown Browser on your personal computer or device. Download instructions will be provided in your course material. Should you experience any technical difficulties downloading or installing the software, contact the instructor for your course.

Accessibility services

Accessibility Services help reduce barriers to learning at SAIT in the classroom and online. If you have or think you may have a condition affecting your learning, please contact our Accessibility Services advisors at the start of your course to set up accommodation requests.

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