Is online learning for me?

We want your online learning experience to be successful, discover the factors that will help you reach your goal when upskilling or advancing your career.

Self-assessment checklist

  • I have access to a quiet place to study.
  • My employer or family/roommates support my plans to further my education by taking online courses.
  • My family/roommates are respectful of my need for the time alone to study.
  • My family/roommates are willing to help out when I'm busy studying by completing household chores, taking care of children and assisting with other personal obligations.
  • I enjoy learning independently.
  • I take the initiative in my learning.
  • I am self-disciplined in my studies.
  • I have identified educational goals.
  • I have excellent time-management skills and can balance my online courses with family, work and personal commitments.
  • I am good at organizing study materials, breaking it up into smaller parts, and multi-tasking.
  • When I have a question, I'm prepared to contact my instructor and other students in the course or access tutoring services.
  • I'm able to learn through reading.
  • I have excellent writing and communication skills.
  • I enjoy expressing my ideas and opinions through writing.
  • I'm interested in other student's perspectives and feel that I learn from them.

Adapted from: Discover Who You Are as a Learner © Lethbridge College (CC BY 3.0)

How online learning works

An online course has the equivalent workload of an on-campus course but is structured and scheduled around your personal life. You're able to register for as many online courses as you'd like, but the sequence of online courses you take will depend on the program and any prerequisite courses involved.

If you're new to online learning, we recommend that you don't take more than three courses concurrently.

Log on anytime, anywhere

Brightspace (D2L)

Brightspace (D2L) is a learning management system used at SAIT to provide access to course content and resources.

Accessing the Brightspace (D2L) learning platform, you'll be able to complete your coursework and assessments on your own time. A course outline and recommended schedule will be available in your course to help you stay on track and ensure you complete all the required coursework, assignments, discussions and proctored assessments within the allotted course timeframe.

If you are new to online learning, here is how to access your online learning material:

  • Log in
  • Username: 9 digit SAIT ID (000123456)
  • Password: Birthdate (DDMMYY)

You will gain access to your course on the assigned course date.

Technical requirements

Before you get started, make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements to complete your online course in the Brightspace (D2L) learning platform.

  • We recommend a desktop or laptop computer purchased in the last three years.
  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • A web camera and microphone.
  • Depending on the average age of your computer, 3GB RAM (memory) as a minimum, 4-8GB is recommended.
  • The latest versions of Windows 7 or MAC OS 10.7 and Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (the latest version is preferred.
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Supportive resources:

Some courses may require you to have a working sound card, speakers/headphones or dual monitors. All other course-specific software and hardware requirements are outlined in the course description. We also recommend that you install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, QuickTime and VLC Media Player (primarily for Mac users but may also be used for Windows).

When taking an online course, ensure you understand the technical set-up requirements as well as any course prerequisites. You'll be required to show proof of any required prerequisites.

All course-specific requirements, prerequisites and suggested prerequisites will be detailed on the program and course descriptions pages. 

Our online courses vary in length from six weeks to 34 weeks and have defined start and end dates. Some of our courses offer an option to purchase an extension which provides additional time equal to half the original course duration. If you'd like to inquire about a course extension, please contact us.

When requesting a transfer, please provide a reason for your request. If additional payment is required, an advisor will contact you to collect payment and complete the transfer.

If you are working toward a certificate, you will need to apply to the certificate program. Your student record will be updated making it easier to monitor your progress, check your graduation requirements or transfer credits in the future.

At the time of certificate completion, we will automatically audit your courses to ensure all requirements have been met.

You can purchase your textbooks, eBooks and reading materials from the SAIT Bookstore.

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Accessibility services

If you have or think you may have a condition affecting your learning, please contact our Accessibility Services advisors at the start of your course to set-up accommodation requests.

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Campus services

We offer a variety of services available on campus to help you learn successfully.

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