Why a SAIT Bootcamp?

SAIT Digital Transformation Bootcamps offer an immersive and practical learning experience to develop a diverse range of highly sought-after skills. These 12 to 16-week online programs, simulate real-world environments, enabling you to work collaboratively with a team while creating a unique digital portfolio that showcases your abilities to potential employers. SAIT Bootcamps are designed for early to mid-career professionals, and they build on your existing expertise, helping you to reskill or upskill, and transition your career — or supercharge the path you’re already on.

Our bootcamps are the perfect option if you want to:

  • develop and practice domain-specific technical skills and power skills, including collaboration, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • focus on real-world tasks and skills that enhance employability
  • work on projects that impact real company problems
  • build networks and community with employers and industry partners
  • open your mind to an intensive, personalized learning experience and cultivate a flexible, adaptable, collaborative mindset
  • tap into dedicated, personalized career support to land your dream career through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, resume optimization, mock interviews, and ongoing post-graduation support.


The network I built, that's my strength now.

Rosheen Hayat
Graduate | Applied Product Management Bootcamp
Learn more about Rosheen's experience.


Advance your career with SAITMicro

Did you know select bootcamps are eligible for a micro-credential?

That means you’ll receive a SAITMicro virtual badge if you achieve high academic standing — showing employers you have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

micro-credential badge

Explore our bootcamps

Applied User Experience Design

Companies across all industries need to crease incredible user experiences to attract and retain customers. If you love design thinking and web development, this program is for you. Learn user-centric design and dive into the consumer journey.

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Applied Product Management

There's a growing demand for product managers in Alberta. Apply design thinking and learn to be the bridge between the customer, business and technology - become a product management leader.

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Applied Product Marketing

This immersive program gives you the skills you need to launch and market a product in today's tech-driven world. Dive into your customers journey as you learn to use insights and research to create impactful messaging and value propositions for your audience.

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Applied Customer Success Management

In this 12-week bootcamp you will develop your skills in customer relationship management, customer journey and influencing customer outcomes. Gain greater insight into customer success principles and their application in achieving organizational goals.

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Applied Robotic Process Automation

If you like thinking outside the box and get energized at creating value through efficiency — you'll love Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Build fully functional automation processes as you learn the latest technology and theory in RPA.

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Software Development Accelerator Program

One of the most valuable experiences an up-and-coming developer can attain is working within a product team on a real-world industry project. Join fellow developers in this 9-week capstone project to apply your development acumen and provide guidance on software development best practices.

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Need help assessing your transferable skills and discovering which ones you need for success to advance in your current career or pivot to a new one?

Try SAIT's My Career PathwaysTM free self-serve career planning tool that helps you create a personalized skills profile, explore new digital careers, identify skill gaps and plan your future career pathway.

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