Why a bootcamp?

SAIT’s Digital Transformation Bootcamps provide intensive, hands-on experience to develop a wide range of in-demand and employable skills. These 12 to 16-week programs recreate real-world environments, giving you the opportunity to work with a team while building a unique digital portfolio. Designed for the early to mid-career professional, bootcamps build on your existing experience, helping you reskill or upskill to transition your career — or supercharge the path you’re already on.

Did you know?

Some bootcamps are eligible for a micro-credential, which shows employers you have the skills and knowledge to get the job done. When you achieve high academic standing, you’ll receive a SAITMicro virtual badge so you can share your skills on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

micro-cred badge

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Applied User Experience Design

Companies across all industries need to crease incredible user experiences to attract and retain customers. If you love design thinking and web development, this program is for you. Learn user-centric design and dive into the consumer journey.

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Applied Product Management

There's a growing demand for product managers in Alberta. Apply design thinking and learn to be the bridge between the customer, business and technology - become a product management leader.

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Applied Product Go-To-Market Strategy

This immersive program gives you the skills you need to launch and market a product in today's tech-driven world. Dive into your customers journey as you learn to use nights and research to create impactful messaging and value propositions for your audience.

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Applied Robotic Process Automation

This bootcamp program is designed to empower early to mid-career professionals who understand processes and get energized at creating value through efficiency.

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