578.00 Hours Required

Data Science: Professional Certificate

In this program, you will build in-demand data science skills, explore questions in association with data sets with diagnostic and predictive analytic tools. Roles within data science are in high demand across a wide range of industries, as the ability to extract insights and make data-driven decisions is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment. Organizations need to extract value from the data they are collecting and use it to inform decision-making, identify new opportunities and improve operations.

This program gives you a foundation in the basic concepts and tools used in the field of data science, including topics such as data wrangling and cleaning, data storage and processing, data analysis and modeling, data visualization and reporting, machine learning and programming in Python.

This program is suitable for you if you're technically curious and interested in expanding your skills. No prior formal training in either data science or programming is required but a general aptitude with technology and experience in learning new technologies is strongly recommended.

This one-year program is intended to be taken along with one of the other Professional Certificates, for a total study period of two years.  Completing two, one-year programs consecutively will qualify you for a three-year Post-Grad Work Permit (PGWP). 

Contact us for more information: ConEd.international@sait.ca

Admission Requirements:

  • post-secondary degree or diploma
  • at least 1 year of professional work experience within the last 5 years. 
  • must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada. The preferred method of demonstrating your English Proficiency is Option 3, which states: Achieve the applicable score on an English assessment test - the test score must be within one year of the date you submit your application.  

Program Offering:  

This program is only available to International Students.

  • duration: 1 year
  • intakes: Fall 2023/2024
  • tuition: $18,750 CDN year
  • application Fee: $150 CDN (non-refundable)

Professional Certifications:
Graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a variety of professional certifications. Additional exams, education, or work requirements may apply for earning a designation or certification.

This program:
• prepares learners to take the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam
• prepares learners to take the Microsoft DP-900 Certification Exam
• prepares learners to take the Microsoft DP-203 Certification Exam
• provides SAIT micro-credentials (SAITMicro) for selected courses

Career Opportunities:
This program will prepare you for careers as data engineers and data analysts.

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