All Continuing Education (Con-Ed) customers must set up an online student account (which is a separate account from the general mySAIT student portal) before registering for a course for the first time. Account profile information must be completed by the student (not a parent/legal guardian, spouse, employer or sponsor).


  • In general, the minimum age to take a non-credit course or program offered by the Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies is 18 years old.
  • The tuition cost of a con-ed course is the same for an International student as for a Canadian student,unless stated otherwise.
  • We assume you have good working knowledge of English to successfully complete our con-ed courses and programs. Some of our offerings do require proof of English proficiency. SAIT has the right to use discretion in determining adequate levels of English Proficiency to ensure a student’s success in a program.
  • Learn more about specific SAIT con-ed (non-credit) Policies & Procedures listed below and general SAIT Policies & Procedures (which may also apply to Continuing Education)

Contact if you have any questions.

Set up a Continuing Education student account

  1. Go to our student login page.
  2. Create an account as a new user.
  3. Once your account is set up, you can log in as an existing user to self-register and pay for a course.

You’ll also have access to your student profile & SAIT nine-digit ID, course enrolment history, certificate program tracking, receipt and course completion documents, online technical support information, forms and more.

How to register & pay for a course

We recommend registering early (minimum three weeks) before the start date of your selected course.

Generally, you’re able to self-register and pay for a course directly through any web course or program page and add it to your shopping cart as per instructions below. If you’re a sponsored student, refer to Third-party Billing Sponsorship section.

If you want to audit a Continuing Education course, contact to confirm course eligibility and to register & pay for the course.

  1. Go to the certificate program or individual course page. Review the course description for any specific registration deadlines or course prerequisites. Submit documentation required on time and before registering for a course (if applicable).
  2. Click the course section you want and follow the online shopping cart prompts to the check-out.
  3. Pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only.) If you’re using a card belonging to a parent, employer or spouse; ensure that you accurately complete the name and billing address of the card holder.
  4. Check your email for an enrolment confirmation and SAIT receipt. Not getting our emails? Check your spam/junk mail folders. Consider adding to your approved sender list.
  5. Refer to the My Enrolment History tab in your Continuing Education student account to view all your course enrolment details including Course Drop & Refund, Transfer and Withdrawal deadlines.

Need to print your student T2202/T2202A (Tuition, Education and Textbooks Amount Certificate) tax receipts? This tax document is released on February 28 each year for course registrations taken in the previous tax year. You can access these tax receipts from your mySAIT account. Learn more about Student Tax Receipts and Credits.

If you’re a Continuing Education student being sponsored by an employer, First Nations organization, Canadian Armed Forces, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta, Alberta Works, WorkSafeBC, or the like:

  1. Contact to confirm the requirements of the program/course you plan on taking. We can provide you a cost estimate document for your sponsor summarizing tuition & tech fees, course availability/scheduling as well as estimates for any required books and supplies.
  2. Set up a Continuing Education student account.
  3. Have your sponsor email our Advising Team at a signed letter confirming approval of your course/program selection, and associated tuition, tech fees, and any course extension fees (if applicable.) The letter must be on official company/organization letterhead and include:
    • Sponsor’s name, job title and contact information (direct phone number, address and email address) and signature;
    • List of courses (including course code, course name, course start and end dates and tuition & tech fee cost per course) that your sponsor agrees to pay for.
    • Clear instructions and email address where SAIT will email the invoice for your training costs.

See/download sample sponsor letter [PDF].

  1. Contact to register you into your sponsor-approved courses. If you decide to drop a course, do so before the Course Drop deadline. Make sure to notify and your sponsor of this change.
  2. If your course requires the purchase of books/supplies from the SAIT Bookstore , ask your sponsor to email the bookstore manager directly at to set up a charge account for you. Follow up with your sponsor and/or the SAIT Bookstore to confirm if the account has been set up and get instructions on how to purchase your books/supplies online or in-person.

How to declare your intent to complete a program & receive certificate/parchment

There is no admission requirement/application process to start a Continuing Education Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Completion program—simply review the program for prerequisites & course availability, set up a Continuing Education student account and register for one or more courses, as you wish. Want your certificate parchment upon program completion? On our certificate program pages, you’ll notice an “Application” box and “APPLY NOW” prompt. Click on this prompt button to declare the program you want to complete, after you have successfully completed at least one course in the program. Note: Certificates/parchments are not issued for individual courses.

How to purchase a course extension

Some of our online asynchronous courses provide a one-time course extension option which gives you additional time to complete the course equal to half the original course duration. Go to your Continuing Education student account under My Enrolment History to check if your course offers an optional extension. A non-refundable course extension can be purchased for $179 by contacting the Continuing Education Advising team at 1.888.284.7051 a minimum of seven (7) days before the course’s original end date. Payment by Visa or Mastercard is required at the time of request.

Refund Eligibility

Our courses have different Course Drop deadlines based on the specific requirements of a course and also based on the delivery format (online, virtual, classroom, and blended). Go to your student account under My Enrolment History to see the Course Drop/Transfer and Withdrawal Request deadlines for a course. If you need assistance making a change of registration, contact or 1.888.284.7051.

Up until the Course Drop request deadline for a course, you can drop the course for a full tuition refund less a $50 administrative fee. To do so, go to your student account under My Enrolment History to select the Course Drop option and follow the prompts. Once your request is processed, you’ll immediately receive a refund notice. Your refund will be issued within 24 hours to the credit card you used for the original purchase. If you are past the Course Drop request deadline, you won’t see the drop option.

Up until the Course Transfer request deadline for a course, you can transfer from one course section to another or transfer to a completely different course. To do so, go to your student account under My Enrolment History to select the Course Transfer option and follow the prompts. If the course you are transferring to costs more, you will be prompted to pay the difference. If it is less, the difference will be returned within 24 hours to the credit card you used for the original purchase. Once your request is processed, you’ll immediately receive a notice. If you are past the Course Transfer request deadline, you won’t see the transfer option.

Up until the Course Withdrawal request deadline for a course, you can officially withdraw from a course to receive a “W” grade on your student record (rather than an “F”.) To do so, go to your student account under My Enrolment History to select the Course Withdrawal option and follow the prompts. There are no refunds issued for withdrawals.

A course may be cancelled due to low enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances. SAIT reserves the right to limit registration, cancel, postpone or combine courses, alter course content, dates or times, and substitute instructors. In general, a course cancellation may occur any time between two to 14 days before the course start date. A student will receive an email notification of the cancellation and is immediately issued a full tuition refund which will be processed within 24-48 hours using the same method of payment that was used for the course registration. The student is responsible for obtaining any refunds applicable for books, software and/or supplies purchased for the cancelled course.

Guaranteed to Run courses

We offer a select number of courses with this symbol. Our Guaranteed to Run promise means you don’t have to worry about the course being cancelled. You can have confidence knowing these courses will run as scheduled, allowing you to plan your time away from work and confirm your travel itinerary.


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