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2021 is the year of new opportunities. We're preparing students and reskilling professionals for the technologically driven economy that's transforming the way we work.

Digital transformation has accelerated at unimaginable rates, making skills in cloud, data and AI more important than ever.
Applied Project Management Certificate
Applied Management

Build critical leadership skills with these interactive, workshop-style courses designed for current or aspiring supervisors and managers.

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Blacksmithing Certificate

Designed for those interested in forging steel, learn about shop safety, running a gas forge, and proper tool selection and handling through a series of workshops.

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Blockchain Certificate
Blockchain Architecting

This instructor-led Blockchain training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms.

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Construction Estimating Certificate
Construction Estimating

Learn how to analyze costs and prepare precise estimates for all construction projects in commercial and residential sectors, civil engineering and specific trades.

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Construction Management Certificate
Construction Management

Growing demand for trained management and leadership professionals, learn the technical and managerial skills for advancement in residential or commercial construction.

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Gas Process Certificate
Gas Process Operations

Learn technical knowledge about field and plant operations, plant equipment and plant processes, and underlying concepts, essential background and plant safety.

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Graphic Design Certificate
Graphic Design

Instructed by experienced instructors who are active in the industry, you'll learn page layout and design, graphic manipulation, and tips for working as contractors or consultants.

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IT Technician Certificate
IT Technician

In-demand in today's IT market, the A+ certification shows competence as an entry-level technician, and the Network + certification demonstrates the ability to manage, maintain, install and configure computer networks.

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Master Code and Applied Theory Certificate
Master Code & Applied Theory

Advance your knowledge of the CE Code applied in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors in Alberta. With this course, Journeyperson electricians can prepare for the Master Electrician certification exam.

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Medical Lab Continuing Education
Medical Laboratory Continuing Competencies

Train to perform and evaluate diagnostic laboratory tests working in hospitals, medical or research labs and scientific supply companies.

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.NET Development
.NET Development

Learn the .NET Framework and Visual Studio development environment and study programming structures and related programming topics, such as database development and object orientation.

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Occupational Health and Safety Certificate
Occupational Health & Safety Competencies

Learn the tools required to identify and respond to security and safety hazards, along with critical safety-related legislation and how to use the Incident Command System (ICS).

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Power Engineering Certificate
Power Engineering

Our courses in power theory, thermodynamics with extensive lab training prepare you to take on complex power systems.

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Python Engineering Certificate
Python Engineering

Learn about this widely used, general-purpose programming language that supports objective oriented and structured programming and several other programming paradigms.

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Supply Chain Management Certificate
Supply Management

Learn how to support the management of increasingly complex upstream and downstream supply chain activities, covering the tools and techniques needed to succeed in this complex industry.

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Web Design Certificate
Web Design

This hands-on program, led by experienced instructors, provides web design training – develop for the mobile world, design theory, visual communication, computer graphics, technology, and professional skills.

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