6 Courses Required

This certificate of achievement is for people who want to begin a career with engineering companies that provide electrical design for commercial and industrial applications.

Students must complete all five courses to obtain certification.

We recommend that students have strong English language skills, Grade 12 math or equivalent and basic calculator skills and strong computer skills.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate you will have:

  • Examined basic project management practices
  • Increased knowledge of the technical application of various electrical concepts
  • Completed a major commercial electrical design project
  • Applied advanced concepts of electrical design and drafting to industrial installations
  • Learned how to use AutoCAD software to draft and design basic two-dimensional (2D) drawings


This program is eligible for funding through the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG).

Career Opportunities

The skills learned in this program can be applied to beginning a career in electrical design for commercial and industrial applications.

Expect to start at an entry-level and as you gain experience and with additional education, your career opportunities will expand. Use the following Job Market Outlook tool as a starting point to explore your career options.

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Application for Electrical Design Certificate of Achievement
Successfully complete at least 1 of the courses below, then declare your intention to complete this certificate by clicking on the Apply Now button.  You will be notified of acceptance and given further direction regarding the completion of this Certificate.
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