98.00 Hours Required

In this certificate program, you'll discover new career pathways in virtually every area of business – from healthcare and education to manufacturing. You'll walk away with an understanding of how to use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve problem and leverage opportunities while learning to build a basic AI scenario. You'll also learn how to critically think through problems and opportunities while learning how to work collaboratively to understand the problems machine learning can solve.

This program is delivered in partnership with BrainToy, a Calgary-based AI/ML company that has developed a low-code production machine learning platform called mlOS. This platform will allow you to create comprehensive machine learning models using a citizen machine learning developer skillset. Convenient scheduling allows you to achieve certification within a year or less, or if you'd prefer, you have the option to work towards your certification over an extended period.

Upon completion, you will understand how to:

• evaluate data for a use case through data science techniques
• analyze data for modelling through data wrangling and preprocessing
• develop a compelling visual narrative from raw data that effectively communicates key insights to decision makers
• outline the steps of the modeling process and aspects of data science that can be used to solve a problem and create value for an organization
• analyze data for modeling through data preprocessing
• build classification models, regression models, deep learning algorithms and clustering algorithms to solve problems for an organization
• create an AI governance framework for model documentation, explainability and reproducibility
• build a model development pipeline for ML solutions that eliminates redundancies, creates consistencies and is well-integrated into an organization
• integrate deployed microservices/API models into an end-user application.

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