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SAIT is one of Canada’s top applied research colleges and an international leader in multi-disciplinary applied research and innovation. We’ve designed this new Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Certificate of Completion for anyone working in oil and gas looking to better understand the ongoing shift toward more sustainable practices in the industry.

This program offers seven micro-credential courses that concentrate on different aspects of CCS. They are tailored to upskill and expand your industry experience and role capabilities. You can easily access real-world learning and complete courses online, all while benefiting from the knowledge of our professionally trained SAIT instructors.

Start with the prerequisite course ENVS-011 Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage. Then take any remaining courses as they apply to you and your interests.

This program/series is intended for upskilling energy services workers, engineers, geoscience professionals, operators, technologists or trades professionals. Visit each individual course page to learn more about how the course benefits a specific occupation/role.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time you start the first course for this program.

There are no other specific admission requirements (academic and/or work experience). Any industry-related experience you already have will be beneficial.

Funding opportunities: Learn more about how to pay for or reduce your education/training costs, including the Canada Alberta Job Grant.

Delivery formats: Each course in this program is delivered online asynchronously and accessible in the Brightspace(D2L) learning platform. Learn more about our delivery formats.

Micro-credentials: Each course in this program is eligible for a digital badge, a great way to communicate your accomplishments and skills through your social networks. Learn more about SAITMicro.

Program completion: A non-credit SAIT Certificate of Completion and transcript will be electronically issued to you upon successful completion of a minimum of two courses (one of the two courses must be ENVS-011 Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage). Learn more about SAIT credentials.

You can take one or a few courses at a time and in any order. Note prerequisites. We recommend registering as soon as possible (7-14 days) in advance of the course start date. Payment is by Visa or Mastercard upon registration.

To self-serve register online:

Declaring your certificate:

Once you’ve registered for ENVS-011, we’ll automatically attach the certificate course requirements to your Con Ed student account in the My Certificates and Designations tab where you can track your progression to completion.

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1 Course(s)

If you're pursuing the certificate, complete ENVS-011 first and a minimum of one of the elective courses.  Take note of prerequisites.
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