Course Description

With Python being one of the most popular programming languages, the ability to read and write this legacy language is becoming increasingly important in the software industry. Python is used to power web services such as YouTube, DropBox, Google, Reddit, Yahoo, Pinterest and Instagram and many small companies are taking advantage of this powerful, full-featured programming language.

This course gives you a basic understanding of Python as you learn about the installation of the integrated development environment as well as the use of variables, operators, loops and decision-making. You will also learn to manipulate data, file I/O, and exception handling. Prior programming experience is beneficial but is not required.

Earn a SAIT micro-credential 

This course qualifies for the SAITMicro badge. Students who successfully complete this course with a final grade of A- (80%) or higher will earn a micro-credential and receive a shareable digital badge. Learn more

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain what python is and understand its applications and benefits
  • set up a python programming environment
  • identify and use variable types, operators, decision-making statements, and loops
  • use operators to manipulate different data types correctly
  • use functions and modules correctly
  • manipulate files using python accurately
  • use exceptions to catch errors.


Prior programming experience would be beneficial but is not required.

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Section Title
Introduction to Python Programming
Lecture - Online Synchronous
6:00PM to 9:00PM
Jun 13, 2023 to Jul 18, 2023
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Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit $395.00
Drop Request Deadline
Feb 09, 2023 to Jun 27, 2023
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Feb 09, 2023 to Jun 27, 2023
Withdrawal Request Deadline
Jun 28, 2023 to Jul 04, 2023
Required Software
(1) Python 3, with path variable to Pythons bin folder to be added to the system environment variables: https://www.python.org/downloads; (2) Idle; (3) Notepad ++
Section Notes

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course will be delivered virtually using MS Teams & Brightspace/D2L. MS Teams sessions will be held from Jun 13th to Jul 18th, 2023 on Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  

We encourage you to use your webcam and microphone to contribute to a more collaborative learning experience. 

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