Course Description

Our Production Field Operations - Level D course includes 26 modules that look at the processes required to separate the hydrocarbons mixture (including impurities) into a saleable product. This course explains methods such as stabilization, fractionation, dehydration, refrigeration and hydrocarbon treatment. This course consists of theory and knowledge-based self-assessment components, delivered in an interactive, self-paced, online format.

Who will benefit from this course?

SAIT Production Field Operations courses (Level A-D) are designed for junior-to-intermediate operators benefiting any operator requiring foundational knowledge in oil and gas field operations. This training is a valuable addition to operators seeking to upgrade their skills to further their professional and career progression, preparing them for subsequent on-the-job training within an operating environment.

This modular training is an excellent professional development opportunity for individuals working in various roles, facilities and industry sectors who require an understanding of particular aspects of oil and gas field operations such as:

  • Battery Operator
  • Chemical Representative
  • Fired Heater Operator
  • First to Fourth Power Engineer
  • Gas Plant Operator
  • Support Staff
  • Technical Sales Professional

Where can this training be applied?

  • Heavy Oil Upgrading
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Pipeline Operations
  • Servicing and Manufacturing

What type of facilities can this training be applied to?

  • Gas Plant
  • Heavy Oil UPgrader
  • Oil Battery
  • Oil Refinery

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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