Course Description

Want to learn how studio design and acoustic principles are used to optimize the recording process? This course gives you in-depth, practical applications of basic audio skills, focusing on studio design, acoustics and content creation. Gain hands-on experience in studio and remote recording as you study modern audio and MIDI production techniques for both video and music.  

Earn a Micro-Credential

Micro-credential badge
This course qualifies for the SAITMicro badge. Students who successfully complete this course with a final grade of A- (80%) or higher will earn a micro-credential and receive a shareable digital badge. Learn more.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you will know how to:

  • design and budget a home studio suitable for modern music and media production. Use basic design principles and incorporate acoustic treatment and soundproofing
  • set up, label, and archive an audio project integrating elements of modern production including Audio, Virtual Instruments, MIDI, Tempo, Key, Panning, Insert Effects, Send Effects and Automation
  • participate in various aspects of a Studio Recording of acoustic instruments including drums, vocals, and stringed instruments, and MIDI
  • create and edit a Voice-Over recording. Process and mix with music and sound effects
  • evaluate various studio and broadcasting microphone types and applications, with In-depth comparison of their sonic characteristics and use
  • solve multiple common audio problems using a stereo audio editor such as Adobe Audition
  • record Location Audio using portable digital recorders, cellphones, and a computer/audio interface combination
  • apply modern and traditional production techniques for vocal and instrumental music.


All courses AUDI and VDEO
- usb stick for all (32GB)
- video portable SSD Drive (1TB)
- plug in headphones
- laptop with standard SAIT requirements

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