14 Courses Required

Graduates of the Hydrocarbon Measurement certificate program will have a fundamental knowledge of petroleum measurement:

  • devices,
  • design,
  • operation,
  • and maintenance.

Graduates will be able to validate base calculations, regulatory requirements, and business reporting.

For learners who are pursuing the full certificate program, we recommend you take these courses in the order listed below. Students completing the certificate will emerge with knowledge of the subject matter equivalent to the intermediate level Measurement Specialist.

The Hydrocarbon Measurement Certificate (full program or combination of courses depending on your need) will be of enormous value to Production Accountants, Joint Venture Specialists, Productions Engineers, Instrumentation Technicians, Operations and Marketing staff and help them become more effective in their jobs within the oil and gas industry.

If you're looking to advance your skills, or for non-technical employees in the oil and gas industry — Engineers and Measurement Specialists, Measurement Technicians/Technologists, Measurement & Control Technicians, Measurement Analysts and Operators will benefit from this course.

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Application for Hydrocarbon Measurement Certificate of Achievement
Successfully complete at least 1 of the courses below, then declare your intention to complete this certificate by clicking on the Apply Now button.  You will be notified of acceptance and given further direction regarding the completion of this Certificate.
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